Sunday, July 09, 2006

Tired of Simply Pretty

I am tired of wearing simply pretty clothes. I am sick of romantic, delicate, feminine, girlish, etc. in fashion. I'm ready for an edge, for a bit of danger, for leather instead of lace. No more easily breakable stilettos, give me a pair of platforms that add six inches of height and are solid enough to run in if necessary.

Not surprisingly one of my favorite collections from last fall was Versace. Rehab must have been good for Donatella because she finally lived up to her title as the head of the house that Gianni built. Check this out:

All that deep purple, midnight blue, turquoise, and black makes for a powerful and flattering effect, especially with the smoky eyes and pale lips (I think the makeup is perfect for the clothes). I like the use of shiny fabrics and patent leather to create a glossy, hard edge that is softened only a bit by luscious fur.Somehow, you just know that a girl in a Versace fur coat wouldn't feel the least bit guilty about wearing fur because she would be toasty warm in her chinchilla while PETA supporters shivered in their synthetic down jackets.
The over-the-knee black leather boots with what looks like a 5 inch heel and backless dresses add a major dose of sex appeal to an already seriously alluring collection. It reminds me of this quote by Kim Novak: "It's time the glamour girl dropped her modern offhand manner and assumed the seductive ways of the traditional charmer. We should be dangerous characters. Just think of Garbo and Dietrich and Harlow - they were really dangerous. When they gave a man the come-hither look, the poor guy didn't know whether he was going to be kissed or killed."

ps. Mariacarla's short blonde hair is fabulous. pps. I know the July issue American Vogue had an article about the new unapologetically dyed white-blonde, dramatically cropped hair. Ms. Wintour, I did that months ago.


High Fashion Girl said...

I agree with your sentiment and I'm loving the fall collections with "edge" right now. I'm really going to glam rock it up this fall (ala Gucci). Great post!

BlueButterfly said...

You think synthetic is colder than fur? Hmmm I wonder why most people who go hike to places with extremely cold climates and people who climb the biggest mountains usually wear synthetic materials?

Please see for more information on the cruelties behind the so-called "fashion" of wearing dead bodies.