Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Leggings are Evil

It started last season, when approximately three quarters of the runways featured a pair leggings with almost every look. Styles as varied as evening dresses and fur coats to casual skirts and tunics were layered on top of leggings or footless tights. Black was the most common color, but everything from charcoal to white (I’ll never understand why anyone would want to wear white leggings a.k.a fat highlighters anyways) was available. There were even some lace-trimmed numbers in case anyone wanted to relive the 80s. What’s next, stirrup pants and neon? Linebacker style shoulder pads?

I know fashion is cyclical. I know designers are often inspired by the past. But why, oh why do we have to bring back the worst of the eighties? Leggings and big slouchy sweaters are flattering to approximately 0.5% of the population, and those are the tall, thin women who look good in everything. Footless tights and leggings cut the line of the leg and make you look short and squat - why would you ever want that?

Leggings are evil for another reason besides their remarkable ability to draw attention to less-than-perfect legs. They make everything look the same. Put whatever you want on top of the leggings, it all looks like the “fashionista 2006″ uniform. It’s overdone and it’s boring.

Where’s the uniqueness? Where’s the individual style? Why did all the spring runways (well, with the exception of the futuristic fabulous but unwearable clothes atBalenciaga) blend together in one grayish white mass of pale neutrals, baggy tops, and yet more leggings?

I know one thing I will NOT be wearing this fall, winter, or spring. Please, do your legs a favor and just say no to the evil leggings.


Anonymous said...

I personally like the trend. I hate the leggings that are cut off at the knee (they make you look shorter, as you have said), but the ones at ankle-length can be quite flattering if paired with an equally elongating top. An alternative is opaque tights- I'm pretty short and they actually make me look longer.

barb's beauty tips for babes over 60 said...

How right you are! Last spring when leggings first resurfaced I read an article that said they were right for everyone, depending on what was worn over them. Ever looking to be on the cutting edge and failing to recall that I hadn't much liked them the first time around, I cut the feet off my best pair of ballet tights, pulled them on, topped them with a short loose shift and off I went. Yes I checked my reflection in the mirror at home and had failed to get that "you look great response" but rationalized that the look just took some getting used to. However when I got to the studio my friend Maxine said I looked cute not quite the response I wanted since I am over 60. A better longer look in the studio mirror confirmed what I had suspected. With my hair tied back in a low pony tail and my short, short sleeved dress I looked deranged! Evil they are. No matter what your age be for warned!

Coutorture said...


evil except that they make days when you are sloppy and don't want to shave so easy!


NYC Fashionista said...

Sorry Charlie but they're not going anywhere. Just embrace your inner 80s and throw on a pair under your dress. When I went to Monoprix in Paris, leggings were sold out. Check out my site:viewfromthefourthrow.blogspot.com...let me know what you think. Keep up the writing.