Monday, January 22, 2007

Gilda's Rocks the Runway at Reserve

This past Friday, yours truly was lucky enough to attend a fashion show at Reserve - my review of the actual event is on my AOL Style Blog, but here is my rundown of the clothes, in the classic "good, bad, ugly" format.

The Good:

Layering done right. When multiple colors and prints are worn together and it somehow works, that's the work of a skilled stylist. Also, metallic accessories still look fresh for spring, especially headbands. By the way, you can use headbands like jewelry this spring - they are an excellent accent piece that can really finish off an outfit. I also enjoyed the pastel color pallette, especially considering how gray and dull it is outside. Besides, everyone looks pretty in bright, clear colors. The fact that the models were all wearing rosy or peachy blush helped with the whole springy impression as well.
The Bad:

Flimsy cotton dresses weren't necessarily bad, per se, but they did make me crave summer weather, and considering that it's January, that's just a little mean. Also, those knee-length shorts are only flattering on tall, skinny chicks (basically, models). Same goes for metallic turquoise eye shadow - the runway-to-real-life factor of some of the looks was pretty low.

The Ugly:

It's a testament to the chicness of Flirt (who provided the clothes) and the Chicago Avenue Salon (hair and makeup) that there really was nothing for the "ugly" category. Of course, kudos also goes to Gilda's Club, a support group for cancer patients and their friends and family, for putting on such a fabulous event.

ps. Women of Chicago, why all the black? Color is allowed and encouraged even though it's winter. I'm guilty of the all-black thing too, so let's work on this.

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