Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Golden Globes 2007 - Hollywood Prom

Is it just me or did three quarters of the Golden Globes attendees look like they were either brides or prom queens? Really, enough with the white gowns and big puffball dresses already. Well, without further adieu, here's my annual list of the good, the bad, and the really, really ugly:

Note: here at the Fashionable Kiffen we are only concerned with the fashion, not the actual awards. We're shallow like that.

The Good:

Sky blue is the perfect color on Naomi Watts and the dress has some interesting beadwork, and Sandra Oh and Ellen Pompeo (Gray's Anatomy) both look modern and elegant.

America Ferrera is also wearing a gorgeous color (stylists, repeat after me: everyone looks better in some kind of color) and the shape is perfect on her. Jessica Biels was wearing a simple, slightly boring dove gray dress, but her makeup and hair were stunning - the soft updo was so much more flattering than some of the scraped-back styles we've seen lately. Finally, Jennifer Lopez hit this one out of the ballpark, her dress was sexy, interesting, and very different. She looked amazing; however, her husband resembled a vampire.
The Bad:

Angelina is beautiful, but the gray washed her out and the shape of the dress made her look a little thick through the middle, and we all know the woman's a twig. Sienna Miller appeared to be auditioning for a role as Helga, the German Warrior Bride, and Courtney Cox's sheer black dress had potential, but there was something awkward and ill-fitting about it.

Drew Barrymore looked fresh and pretty, but the dress was more midwestern pageant queen than Grecian goddess. Jennifer Garner appears to have lost the baby weight and then some (she's a little too thin, really), but the dress is uninspired. Like Drew, Kate Winslet went for the draped, column dress, but also like Drew, she can do much better.

The Ugly:

This year's Globes didn't have a lot of truly awful fashion, just a lot of boring column gowns and white dresses that all blended together. However, a few stars kept it lively for us viewers with some fabulously awful frocks. Jennifer Love Hewitt broke one of the cardinal rules of style with her chocolate cupcake of a dress: never wear anything that closely resembles a dessert. Vanessa Williams appeared in a hairpiece that could frighten small children, and let's not even mention her outfit (except for that fact that it was clearly much too warm for a fur coat). Finally, Beyonce looked like a drag queen, albeit one with an enviable body.

For the sake of the fashion community, let's hope the Oscars are better.

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