Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Requisite Oscar Fashion Review

Well, it's about time that I comment on the Oscar fashion:

The Good:

First of all, Best Actress winner Helen Mirren looked amazing in a glittering champagne dress - if I look half as good when I'm her age, I'll be happy. Reese Witherspoon looked radiant in a strapless violet number by Olivier Theyskens for Nina Ricci, and her hair and makeup complimented the dress wonderfully - being single clearly agrees with her. Cate Blanchett was stunning in her asymmetrical gunmetal Armani Prive gown.
Forgotten Dreamgirl Anika Noni Rose (there were three of them in the movie) gave us a reason to notice her in a backless metallic gown - personally, I love this silhouette. It's just incredibly elegant. Naomi Watts glowed in lemon yellow chiffon and her 40s movie star hair is just perfect, and Emily Blunt must have picked up some fashion sense on the set of Devil Wears Prada, because her strapless royal blue dress rocked.
Celine Dion's draped vintage Galanos gown was the perfect shade of green for her complexion, and her loose waves softened her features (something that is definitely needed). I loved the rich navy blue and the fringey skirt on Portia de Rossi's gown. Eva Green's Givenchy couture dress may be a controversial pick for a "good" look, but I think the etheral but gothic vibe suits her, in a haute couture vampire kind of way.

The Bad:

I wanted to like Gwyneth's Zac Posen gown, but I can't get past her scraggly hair. Cut about six inches off and get back to me. Same goes for you, Kidman - the stick straight hair thrown over one shoulder doesn't make you look like Veronica Lake, it makes you look like your curling iron broke. I did love Nicole's red Balenciaga, however, even with the massive neck-bow. Anne Hathaway's hair and makeup were gorgeous, but unlike Nicole, her massive bow didn't work.

Isla Fischer's strapless number would have gorgeous if the neckline was just an inch higher - there was a little too much cleavage, but the color was stunning with her skin and hair. Kate Winslet, take note: mint green is not your color. Stick with the jewel tones and brights and you won't look so washed out. Rachel Weisz is another beautiful woman wearing an unflattering color, but the cut of the dress was great.

The Ugly:

Beyonce appeared much, much wider than she actually is in her mint green Armani Prive, which resembled nothing so much as a nightgown. She looked much better in her sexy red number she wore during her performance. Jessica Biel looked matronly in hot pink Oscar de Renta - since her main claim to fame is having an enviable figure, she should have shown it off a little more. A softer hairstyle would have helped as well. Cameron Diaz's white Valentino dress was ill-fitting and looked uncomfortable - perhaps she needs to put down the joint and hire a stylist.

Kelly Preston looked like Mob wife in leopard (I usually love leopard, but not for formal events). Penelope Cruz looked like a giant pink cupcake (her hair and makeup were gorgeous, though, I'll give her that) and I really have no words for Kirsten Dunst. Feathers and sheerness and sequins and a peter pan collar - c'mon, Kirsten, not even Karl Lagerfield can make that combination work.

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