Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Time Out Chicago's Spring Fashion Guide - Is it still 2006?

I just checked out Time Out Chicago's spring style issue, and while the magazine isn't exactly Vogue, I would have hoped that they could have done a little better. Let's critique it, shall we?

First of all, we have the Five Style Points, or how to update your look for spring in five easy steps.

1. "Think Thin". While skinny jeans and pants aren't going anywhere (unfortunately), this recommendation is not exactly groundbreaking. They also said the narrow, tailored look can "even work for dudes rocking a beer belly". I sincerely hope that the dudes in question do not take this advice to heart.

2. "Face Forward". What a surprise, the natural look is in for spring. Note to makeup artists and beauty writers everywhere: the natural look is always in. They also suggest incorporating random bright hues, another makeup trend that generally resurfaces every March. Maybe everyone gets inspired by all the pastel Easter candy.

3. "Dress the Part". Yup, dresses are still in because they're easy to wear and you'll look effortlessly put together. Blah blah, etc., etc. Trapeze styles are supposedly the brand-new "it" thing, too bad most of them resemble maternity wear. (Note: if you actually are pregnant, this is your season.)

4. "Redo Your 'Do". Okay, they did get this one right with the edgy Vidal Sassoon bob (love it! want it!) and the recommendation to skip the highlights in favor of a "rich all over color". Ladies, let's stop it with the stripy hair for once and for all.

5. "Find the Perfect Finishing Touch". We've got cute little embellished flats, light colored raffia, linen, and braided leather bags, and detailed belts. All stuff that fashionistas should still have in their closets from last spring. They've also got a plaid fedora a la Justin Timberlake - not exactly something the average dude can pull off.

Next we have the "Wear It's At" section, showcasing some well-dressed locals in different neighborhoods. I actually liked this section - most of the outfits were pretty chic but not overly styled (i.e. I actually believed that they stopped random people on the street) and there is plenty of variety, from skater kids to professionals in the Loop.

The "Bright On" fashion spread would have been completely unmemorable without the crimped hair (is that really coming back or was the stylist just having an 80s nostalgia moment?). All the white paper spheres against the candy-colored background reminded me of Ikea - maybe they got the sphere-things on sale?

Okay, the "What, this old thing?" article is actually really cool. Time Out challenged three local designers to turn "unfashionable castoffs into stylish pieces". There's a lot of interesting clothing rehab ideas, so check that article out. Really, they should stick to this kind of thing and leave the editorials to actual fashion magazines. In addition, if you're interested in buying the revamped items, you can place a bid at Dress for Success - hey, it's for a good cause.

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