Monday, June 25, 2007

Chic in Paris

Want to be chic in Paris? Personal shopper and world traveler Susan Tabak can help - she's used her 25 years of experience to create a guide to the French style and some of the best-kept secrets in the City of Light. This stylish little red croc book has a listing of some of the best addresses in Paris, as well as fashion and style tips from eight utterly chic Parisian women. It's definitely worth picking up for this advice alone, even if you're not planning on going to Paris any time soon.

It was especially refreshing to read about each Parisienne's style philosophy - although they all had different signature looks (naturally - a genuinely chic woman is always true to herself), there's a common thread of individuality. It's simple advice, but the concepts of dressing to please yourself, buying pieces because you love them, not because of the label, and ignoring trends that don't suit your style or figure are always applicable. Besides, you'll be sure to get ideas for your own wardrobe from all the gorgeously styled pictures in this book.

A few key quotes:

"French style distinguishes itself from others by its femininity, timeless chic, and elegance. There is an almost intellectual approach to its creativity and a moderate component of sexiness." (Spela Lanaric)

"I think bad taste is wanting to be too 'fashionable', accumulating too many brands, and wanting to look like someone you are not." (Carole Rochas)

"The French woman is not afraid of being different from the others. French style is about having a personal attitude that mixes self confidence and allure, as well as individuality. It's also about seduction and sensuality without ostentation." (Sonia Rykiel)

"I think that French women are pyschologically freer. In certain countries, if a woman dresses too joyfully or uses too much color it makes her different, and this scares a lot of people. Here in France, women like and seek that difference. If from the start you don't care what people say, they get used to it. Then you are seen as a person who loves to dress up, who has interesting and unusual things. Actually, people love you for that. I think dressing is like art: to each his own painting." (Mina D'Ornano).

If you're planning a trip to Paris or are just in need of some excellent wardrobe inspiration, pick up this chic little volume and learn a few secrets of French style.

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Queen of Suburbia said...

Looks like a great book to me. I've been fortunate to work in both Paris and Milan and I would agree with the assertion that there is nowhere in the world where fashion is more feminine than Paris.