Friday, June 22, 2007

Maneater Threads: Shop for a Cause

Usually, the press releases I get make me wonder "why do they think I would be interested in that? I never write about...tween celebrities, dolls, bridal stuff, etc." I generally just delete these, because writing about them in order to mock them would be unnecessarily mean. However, once in a while I get an email from a cool company that I never would have heard of otherwise, like Maneater Threads.

Taken from their About page:

"Maneater Threads was created from a love of fashion, shopping, and the internet, all combined for the ultimate online boutique experience.

Each season's items are carefully selected to reflect the best of a designer's vision and to mix and match within and across the various lines.

We are constantly on the lookout for the next great designer to bring to our friends and customers, in addition to carrying more established designers.

Maneater Threads' ultimate philosophy is that fashion should not be seasonal, but rather strive to be both classic and forward-thinking.

Tanya Zilinskas, a native of southern California, opened Maneater Threads in 2005. Due to a terrible and yet comedic pratfall-laden misunderstanding involving switched suitcases, the wrong man, and a barfight in Mexico, Ms. Zilinskas was forced to temporarily focus her talents within the state penitentiary system until she was released early for good behavior.
Ms. Zilinskas' likes include fashion, snark, and sharks.
Her dislikes include sieve-wielding maniacs, the pokey, and crushed velvet."

I think I like them. Here are few of my picks from their site:

There's an "under $100" section for those of us who are looking for a steal, plus they're implementing a interesting new "shop for a cause" program.

"We’re launching a cool new “shop for a cause” type program next month. Each month we’ll be donating 5% of our sales to a different 501(c)(3) nonprofit, starting with the American Refugee Committee in July. The beneficiaries will be a mix of local and international nonprofits, with an emphasis (but not limited to) women’s issues, international relief, animals, and the environment."
Go forth and shop!

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