Monday, June 04, 2007

Maximum Cool, Minimum Effort

I'm seriously coveting a maxi-dress for summer. Maybe it's my inner hippie, but something breezy and bohemian just feels perfect for the upcoming hot and humid days. Just add a pair of wedges and some dangly earrings and go! Fortunately, it's possible to find adorable dresses at great prices - these three are from Old Navy (on the left) and Target.

Prefer something with sleeves? The black number is only $49.99 at La Redoute. Of course, if you're willing to drop a bit more dough, try one of these dresses from Pink Mascara.

My only question is whether or not a shortie can pull this off - as someone who's 5'4 on a good day, would a maxi dress be overwhelming? (of course I would wear some major heels with it).

Compare prices on maxi-dresses here

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