Tuesday, June 05, 2007

CFDA Awards

One of the biggest nights in the fashion industry, and naturally, we only care about the clothes. Fitting, no?

Anna Wintour and Bee Schaffer seem to be wearing dresses from the womens' department of Macy's - perhaps Jones New York. Really, shouldn't the Devil be wearing Prada or least something that doesn't appear to come from the racks of the local mall? Ellen Barkin looks pretty nice (albeit a little too botoxed) but sort of plasticized - her dress might have worked better if it was metallic. Claire Danes glowed in her sky blue chiffon gown, but something about the lines of the dress made her chest seem concave (or maybe she just needs a sandwich). I know gloves are a trendy accessory, but when it's over 70 degrees, leave at home until fall. Otherwise, Dylan Lauren looked fresh in her metallic gown. Eva Mendez, although gorgeous, resembled Latina Barbie in hot pink, but glamorous, exotic Iman simply can do no wrong.
Oprah wore a pale pink version of the same dress she wears to every event (I'm picturing a beautifully appointed closet filled with an entire rainbow of shawl collared taffeta gowns - you just know she has one). Tory Burch wore bedazzled upholstery fabric (you'd think a designer could do better, but have you seen her collections? It could have been much, much worse.), and Tinsley Mortimer seems to be attempting a pouty, sexy face, but just looks uncomfortable. Her dress isn't too bad, however.

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