Thursday, June 07, 2007

PSA in Regard to Flipflops

I'd like to start post by saying that I have nothing against flipflops in the appropriate environment - at the pool, after getting a pedicure, even while running errands (dry cleaners, grocery store, you know the drill). However, lately I have seen way too many girls engaging in flipflop abuse.

Flipflops don't go with everything, people! If you're wearing a delicate sundress or (I can't believe that I've actually witnessed this multiple times in the past few weeks) a nicely tailored suit, for the love of Louboutin, don't wear f*%#ing flipflops.

If you're going to take the time to put together a cute outfit to wear to work, or to go out for drinks/dinner/etc., please don't wear your $5 plastic flipflops from Old Navy. Show your wardrobe some respect!

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Rebecca said...

Not to mention they make the worst noise ever when you walk around in them. Every year, young ladies wear them to their award ceremony. Then when they go up in front of the entire room full of people ... slap! slap! slap!


Anonymous said...

I used to live in flip flops during the 100 degree weather in Riverside, CA and it's just crazy hot, but I don't see how I did it, I haven't work flip flops outside to do anything in so long. My feet get dirty afterwards yuck lol.

Rosanna said...

i LOVE flip flops, but i have to agree with you...they dont go with EVERYTHING!