Wednesday, June 06, 2007

5 Things I Want to Wear Right Now

The title says it all....

1. Turquoise jewelry. It's the quintessential summer stone and the color is just so happy. Plus, it flatters almost skin tone.

2. Jeweled sandals - they're like jewelry for your feet!

3. Wide leg linen pants in bold colors. They're comfortable, easy to wear, and look great with a simple fitted tank or tee.

4. Maxi-dresses. I know that I've already written about this one, but my obsession has grown and I still haven't found the perfect one.

5. White beater-style tanks - they're perfect with the afore-mentioned linen pants and they set off my (faux) tan. I just get the Hanes ones that come in packs of 3 from the boy's section at Target, so when I inevitably spill something on them, I can toss 'em without a second thought.

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