Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Confession: I Sometimes Shop At Kohl's

Despite it's staid, semi-discount retailer reputation, Kohl's has been popping on the fashion radar lately, thanks to a long awaited collaboration with Vera Wang. Growing up in the midwest however, I've always shopped at Kohl's occasionally, and there's usually a few diamond in the rough items to be had if you look carefully.

First of all, it's important to note that Kohl's is second only to Target when it comes to making dowdy stuff look cute online, and otherwise chic pieces seem matronly. It's really best to go in person, or at least wait for coupons or free shipping so you don't waste money.

That said, here are some current picks:
You really can't get anymore classic than this little boatneck dress (and you could switch out the belt for something more interesting, too), and the gray patent pumps are on trend for fall. Kohl's has plenty of printed cotton skirts like the one in the center that are perfect to wear right now - pair them with a little tee or tank and you look breezy and cute.

Here's another summery skirt in a different color palette - it might work well with the tortoiseshell peep toes next to it. I also like this bold red, orange, and white print dress - worn with some simple espadrilles or cork wedges and some oversize silver hoops, it could end up being a real statement piece.

Kohl's usually has lots of interesting costume jewelry, like these two necklaces. Yes, some of it is hopelessly boring, but there's some good pieces for those of us patient enough to look. This red tunic is also a fun piece, and it's a happy color.
Of course, Kohl's is also good for stocking up on basics like simple camis, yoga pants, and t-shirts - think of it as an alternative to Target in that department.
So now I'll turn the tables - what non-fashionista-approved places do you shop at?

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