Monday, August 13, 2007

How Short Is Too Short?

For those of you who really aren't loving all the micro-minis on the racks right now, check out my latest article on Second City Style.

Skirts and dresses have been getting shorter by the season, and although you might think that the fact that fall is just around the corner would mean hemlines are lowering, think again. There are just as many ultra short minis on the racks of our favorite retailers (and on the pages of our beloved e-tailers). But what if you’ve fallen for a dress that’s oh-so-short, but you don’t want to show miles of leg?


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1 comment:

anna said...

has anyone noticed that short is in for fall dresses too? I noticed it's not so much the case for skirts with pencils skirts all the rage...can't wait for fall weather to kick in!