Friday, August 03, 2007

New Discovery: Nicholas Kirkwood

I first came across footwear designer Nicholas Kirkwood's work via Refinery 29's piece on his stunning shoes, but I kind of filed it away at the time. However, I recently came across his fall collection, and well, oh wow. These shoes are architectural, elegant, and very sexy without being the slightest bit sleazy (they're a little bit Pierre Hardy-esqe, actually). I think I'm in love. Check them out:

There are lot more images on his website, but it's one of those typical, flash-heavy sites (why do so many designers do this? Stop it with the music and the flash and the movies and provide some actual information. Your website is not a magazine ad.)

Of course, these shoes probably cost more than my rent, but at least I can look at all the prettiness.

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