Sunday, August 05, 2007

Old Navy Doesn't Suck

Old Navy, long reviled by fashion industry types as the home of cheap bland clothing for fly-over staters, actually has some cute stuff in stock right now, and the prices are definitely right. Check it out:

This little black dress is classic chic (although I think it might look better belted), there's lots of cute graphic tees for around $10, and this red dress is surprisingly sexy (after all, Old Navy is not normally a brand known for its sex appeal).

More in an accessory-buying mood? These polka dot ballet flats are pretty fun, and so are these delicate plum suede sandals. The trapeze swing coats are also a nice option, especially if you want to experiment with the trapeze shape with dropping tons of cash (if you opt for this look, be sure to go narrow on the bottom to keep things in proportion).

Needless to say, everything in this post can be found at

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WendyB said...

That t-shirt is surprisingly cute.