Monday, November 19, 2007

Fashion and Astrology: Does Your Sign Match Your Style?

I don't personally place much stock in astrology, although I do like being a Leo (but that's because Leos are awesome), but I did find this thread on the Fashion Spot interesting. My style does seem to fit my sign - I love deep, rich reds, golds, and purples; I'm a fan of all jewel tones, really. And of course, animal prints in virtually way, shape, or form. My apartment is even decorated in reds and golds!

Inspired by that same thread, I looked up my chart on so I could see if the other placements were accurate, fashion-wise. For instance, my moon is in Pisces, and I do wear lots of blues, greens, and other watery colors, but I tend to choose the stronger versions of them - say, sapphire blue over a pastel. My rising sign (Aries) seems to work with my style, though - I do favor sharp tailoring and dramatic silhouettes.

So, baby, what's your sign and does it suit your style?

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