Friday, November 16, 2007

Fashion Shocks: Bold Tights

While black opaque tights are an important part of anyone's legwear wardrobe, something so basic can get boring fast, especially if you tend to wear a lot of solids or neutrals. In fact, a neutral ensemble is one of the easiest things to punch up with a pair of tights or hose in a vivid color. I'm not talking charcoal or navy - think sapphire, violet, or ruby.

Saturated shades may seem like a bit much for most of us, but with the right combination, they can really brighten up your look - and your day (something about wearing happy colors always helps my mood). And if seriously bold shades seem like too major of a committment at first, try a rich eggplant, burgundy, or deep green and work your way to the lighter/brighter end of the spectrum. Who knows? Soon you could be rocking cobalt blue tights with red patent pumps without a care in the world (seriously, couldn't that combo be amazing on the right person?).

You don't necessarily have to be edgy or particularly avant garde to wear bold tights, however, - even J.Crew carries them now!

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