Monday, January 28, 2008

Colors of the Fashion Rainbow: Going Green

Green is probably the color with the most mentions in the media lately - after all, it is the signature color of the environmental movement, and the hue has become visual shorthand for eco-friendliness. However, green is also the color of healing, of hope and tranquility, and of stability; it is the color of Ireland and of Islam, with inexperience ("greenhorns", being "green" means being a novice), and of envy. Deep green is associated with money and finance, and medieval brides worn green to symbolize fruitfulness and fertility.

Bright grass green is refreshing and lively, and flattering on many people. Pair it with pink, navy, or yellow for a classic preppy look; or make it a pop of color - try adding a green scarf or handbag to your spring wardrobe. Lime green is quirky and tends to be difficult to wear, but if it suits your personality it can be really fun, and you'll definitely stand out from the crowd (it sets off a tan nicely too).

Deep emerald or forest is a good color for winter evenings - especially when done in luxe cashmere or velvet. Darker shades of green can also be a good alternative to black/gray for a modern smoky eye. Bluish greens tend to be flattering on many people and can have a calming, soothing effect; while sages are soft and elegant. In fact, green is fairly universal - there is a shade out there that works on everyone.

While the term "green" is certainly overused, the color itself is still an excellent choice - and besides, it is much less overused than basic black.

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