Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Colors of the Fashion Rainbow: Tangled Up In Blue

Blue is considered the most popular choice for a favorite color - and with choices ranging from the palest sky to the darkest navy, it is easy to see why. Not only is it the color of that most all-American of basics, blue jeans, it is considered good luck for bride to don "something blue" on her wedding day and it is often associated with depth, stability, loyalty ("true blue") and hope ("seeing nothing but blue skies"). It is considered to have a calming effect - a bedroom decorated in shades of blue would be a relaxing haven indeed.

Of course, blue is found in the majority of wardrobes because blue jeans are a staple and there is flattering shade of azure out there for virtually everyone. Selecting the right hue is simple - warm complexions can try blues mixed with green and yellow, like turquoises, teals, aquas, and cerulean; cooler complexions tend to be able to wear almost every variation on blue, as they have a blue undertone to their skin. Blue-violets and periwinkles are often especially flattering.

Blue can be naughty (think "Devil in a Blue Dress") or nice (a pastel sundress, perhaps?). It is popular color for uniforms, as it is considered the color of trust - and it flatters most people, which is a welcome side effect. Cops are the men in blue, after all. And it also symbolizes achievement - from blue ribbons for 1st place and blueblooded nobles, this is one color with many positive connotations.

However, no tint is perfect - there are also blue laws, blue language, blue Monday, and of course, singing the blues and feeling blue. The opposite of seeing red (feeling strong emotion, even if it is negative) is feeling blue (which is distinctly apathetic or even depressed). This doesn't stop it from being the most popular color for apparel, though - the Pantone color of 2008 is even blue iris, a blue with a hint of purple.

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