Monday, February 04, 2008

Colors of the Fashion Rainbow: Tickled Pink

Pink is probably the most feminine color in the spectrum - it's been associated with all things girlish for years. It is the color of health, of playfulness, and passion; pink is softer side of red. We have flamingo pink (interestingly enough, in ancient Egypt, the flamingo was the hieroglyph that stood for the color red), bubble gum pink, blush pink, hot pink, salmon, magenta, and fuschia. Designer Elsa Schiaperelli popularized a signature shade known as shocking pink.

Although the bright shades make quite statement - they are definitely not for wallflowers - there is a shade of pink out there for everyone. However, pink may not have a place in everyone's wardrobe; girls who are not typically feminine may feel a little out of place in pink because it just doesn't suit their personalities. If pink works for you, however, it can be an extremely flattering color. Choosing a shade similar to the color of your cheeks when they are flushed tends to result in hues that cast a gorgeous glow.

Of course, pink is also an ideal color for most kinds of makeup, from a classic pink lipstick to bold fuschia nail polish (perfect with a summer tan). Various shades of rosy pink usually work as natural-looking blush; cooler shades of pink can be even work as eye shadows for the adventurous among us.

While some men can and do wear pink confidently (more power to 'em) pink does tend to serve as visual shorthand for girlhood and femininity. However, we do have the Pink Panther and the band Pink Floyd, Elvis drove a pink Cadillac, and Aerosmith recorded a song called Pink, so this sweet color can still have an edge.

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