Friday, February 01, 2008

Colors of the Fashion Rainbow: Purple Haze

Purple or violet have long been considered the color of royalty - purple was Cleopatra's favorite hue, and the Roman emperors wore Tyrian purple robes embroidered with metallic thread. Of course, purple is also favored by a more modern Prince (think Purple Rain) and psychedelic purple will forever be associated with the sixties and more specifically, Jimi Hendix. It symbolizes magic and mystery, and it is said to spark the imagination and encourage creativity. In politics, a purple state is one that is pretty evenly balanced between Republicans and Democrats.

Purple has many meanings - it is associated with Advent and Lent for Catholitics, yet it is also represents the Gay Pride Movement. Leonardo Da Vinci believed that the power of meditation increased when done in the glow of a purple light, purple prose is writing that is overly elaborate, and a Purple Heart is a medal of honor awarded to a U.S. soldier wounded in battle.

When it comes to fashion, purple is definitely a hot color right now, and we can anticipate plenty of it on the runways during the upcoming fall shows. It's fairly easy to wear as well, provided you match the shade to your skin tone - warm with reddish purples, cool with blue-tinged ones. However, wearing head-to-toe purple can be difficult to carry off.

Most shades of violet look particularly nice with metallic accessories - purple and gold and lilac and silver are classic combinations. Some hues can also be flattering additions to your makeup bag as well; a deep violet smoky eye is intriguing and creative, and a sheer blackberry lip gloss is simply luscious.

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I generally used to avoid Purple as I thought it was a bold color, but thanks to ur blog, I might afterall take it out from my cupboard, and try it on


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