Monday, February 18, 2008

On A Shoe Quest

I'm on a shoe quest, and it is not going well. Let me explain - I need a pair of comfortable and sturdy shoes for an upcoming trip. They should be black or a neutral that works with black, because that is the base color of my travel wardrobe, and since I'll be walking a lot, comfort is key. However, I refuse to purchase a pair of unattractive shoes even if they are like walking on clouds, because, well, I just don't do ugly-comfy (yes, I am one of those people who can't stand Uggs, Crocs, or anything else in that category. It's a little snobby, but we all have those little things we're snobby about, right?). Also, the shoes need a bit of a heel - not only are all my pants hemmed to a wear-with-heels length, I'm so used to having that bit of extra height that flats are actually more painful than heels for me, at least for extensive amounts of walking.

So, do any of my wonderful readers have suggestions for shoes or brands? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Linda said...

I wouldn't call your not liking crocs snobby, but rather normal. I cannot stand them and would to seem them banned to Mercury where they would all melt to oblivion from the heat of the sun. One day I saw a lady who had on bright hot pinks croc to match her bright hot pink sweater. I just about lost it right there. Fashionable she wasn't!

Kelly said...

Have you checked into Cole Haan? I bought a pair of patent leather 3inch peep toes with "Nike Air", and they are like walking on pillows. Ok, maybe not entirely...but quite close. I intent to buy more in every color. Check them out.