Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Top Ten Spring 2008 Fashion Trends

Every season brings new (or not so new, in some cases) trends, as well as new ways to wear old favorites. Here are some of my favorites for spring 2008:

1. One-shoulder and assymetrical necklines - This silhouette can work for everything from elegant Grecian goddess looks to slinky disco dresses that are reminiscent of the seventies. And it is surprisingly flattering on many figures, because it draws the eye to the collarbone, neck, and shoulders.

2. Lingerie detailing - There is very romantic and feminine about pieces that borrow from the boudoir; however, this look can also veer into costume-y and/or trashy territory. Think off-duty Dita Von Teese, not Blonde Ambition-era Madonna.

3. Ombre or dip-dyeing - Done correctly, wearing ombre can be incredibly flattering (this is probably obvious, but wear the darker shades on the areas you want to draw attention from), and it is bold enough that few accessories are needed.

4. Boyish black tie - Most of us are no stranger to looks borrowed from the guy's side of the closet, but this spring the classic tuxedo jacket takes center stage.

5. Transparent and sheer fabrics - Clearly (no pun intended), the key to making translucent pieces work is some creative layering; but with a proper foundation, this trend can be girlish and sweet or downright sexy.

6. Neon - Yes, the word neon can evoke some frightening images of eighties fashion that are best forgotten. However, a bold slash of color can take an outfit from bland to "wow!" in a heartbeat, and besides, saturated color just looks so appealing after a long gray winter.

7. Black and white prints - While this combination is eternally stylish, there will be more black and white options than ever this spring, so stock up on basic silhouettes in graphic prints - they'll look amazing with bold accessories.

8. Safari chic - Although full-on look can be difficult to wear (just cause the city is an urban jungle doesn't mean you need to dress like it), a belted field jacket and anything animal print is modern and fresh.

9. Metallics - Okay, the sparkly stuff is pretty much a fashion staple now, but this spring's metallics are more burnished luxe than high-shine tin foil.

10. Eco-friendly labels - The "green" movement is all encompassing, and organic and sustainable materials are not only trendy, they are good for the environment. Al Gore would approve.

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