Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mother's Day Gifts: The Fashionable Mom

It is now less than two weeks until Mother's Day - have you found a gift or made plans with your mom yet?

Here are some of my favorite chic ideas:

If she is a jewelry person, a cute pair of earrings might be a thoughtful gift - and turquoise is a perpetual classic, and it is flattering on almost any skin tone.

Maybe she is more of a handbag fan? If your mother doesn't already have a Longchamp tote, and especially if she tends to err on the preppy side, one of those stylish bags could be a great and useful gift. If she is more of a glamourpuss, however, this burgundy beaded clutch might be a good call.

Another excellent option is high end cosmetics or skincare, or a decadent fragrance set; these are particularly good if she's not the type to splurge on herself. Buy her a luxe version of her favorite fragrance - and if you're not sure what that is, or just want to introduce her to something new, you can hardly go wrong with something from Guerlain.

Of course, gifts alone don't make the holiday, so if you can, why not make brunch or dinner for your mom, or clean/organize a room for her? It seems simple, but a break from household chores might be the most relaxing gift of all.

Or head to Etsy.com and pick up something unique and handcrafted - this is especially good if your mom is concerned about being eco-friendly, as much of Etsy's stock fits that bill (here's their Mother's Day Showcase).

If none of these suit your fancy, or you're looking for a real splurge, why not check out this set of gift guides at 3Luxe? From espresso machines to fancy stationery to digital cameras (great for capturing special occasions, like say, Mother's Day dinner?), there is something for all types.

So what are you doing for the holiday?


Poppy said...

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Edgar said...

Love my mom, will shop at Hallmark for her for mother's day gift card.