Tuesday, August 23, 2005

What would the Kiffen do?

Dear Kiffen,
I've been taking your advice so far, and I've gotta say that I've never looked better. However, I'm not sure what type of shirts I should wear to balance my rather well-endowed chest with my comparably small lower half. What would you suggest for me?
- Top Heavy

Dear T.H.,
First of all, congratulations on being the first one to ask "What would the Kiffen do?" Really, more people should ask themselves that when they get dressed in the morning (after all, I am the Fashionable Kiffen). Anyhow, you need to balance your top and bottom halves. Start with wearing darker colors on top - this doesn't mean you are stuck with only black, but keep the lighter tones in your outfit on your lower body.

Next, consider jackets - a well-cut, single-breasted jacket will do wonders to minimize your chest. Make sure it fits properly and you can button it comfortably, even if you are planning to wear it open. Tons of designers are showing all different types of jackets for this fall, including luxurious velvet blazers and sharp military jackets. Under the jacket, you could wear a tee or cami, or a crisp button down. You really have to play around with different pieces to see what works.

Certain necklines will look much better than others on you - v-necks, sweetheart, and slash necks work much better than boat necks or crews. You want to create a division, instead of a big block of color like a turtleneck. Always wear well-made, thicker tees, as these will shape you better. And never underestimate the importance of a great, supportive bra, this is the most vital thing you can own.

Finally, flaunt what you've got. If you've got some serious cleavage, show if off (within reason). Wear a nice low-cut top with a pretty necklace, and dust some shimmer power over your collarbone. Trust me, no one will notice that your figure isn't perfectly balanced.

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glamour gal said...

What should I do, fashionalbe kiffen? I love crop pants, but there are others who heckle me for wearing them. Where do you stand on the issue?